Wedding Customs

Hawaiian Preists (Kahuna) symbolize the bride and grooms commitment to each other by wrapping their hands with the Maile Lei. In modern times the Maile lei is popular at Weddings, Graduations and Proms.

Different Customs and Types of Wedding

The most awaited moment for couples is the day when they finally get married. To get married, a ceremony is needed to complete this process and this is called wedding. A wedding is a kind of ceremony in which the primary goal is to unite two people.  The customs and tradition differs between religions, countries, culture and ethnic groups.

Customs from Different Religions

  • Christian Customs – this ceremony is being led by a pastor or a priest. A mass is held and a community is present to give blessing and support to the union of two people. All sacraments are based on God.  A Quaker wedding is kind of ceremony under the Christian community in which it is held like a worship meeting.
  • Hindu Customs – this is conducted using the Sanskrit and celebration may last for some days. A Hindu priest called Bramin assembles a Yajna or fire sacrifice as well as the sacred fire called Agni. The bride and groom are seated near the fire, while the Bramin recites mantras. The most essential part of the ceremony is when the groom and bride make 7 circles around the sacred fire and every circle they make represents the matrimonial vow.
  • Muslim Culture – Muslim marriages are announced to the public and should not be a secret.   The couple is both the comforter and protector of each other and thus they are meant for each other. In Islam, forced marriages are forbidden. Marriages should only be done with good intentions.
  • Chinese Culture – tea ceremony is the official ritual in traditional Chinese weddings. In Western wedding, it is equal to exchange of vows. The newlywed introduces themselves to their family on both sides to express appreciation and respect.
  • Jewish – the ceremony is being held under the chuppah or a wedding canopy made from cloth attached to 4 poles. The chuppah symbolizes their new home.   Seven blessing are narrated to bless the couple and their new home. The couple will drink from a wine glass and then the groom will crush the glass using his right foot.

Wedding Types

  • Military – a kind of ceremony held in military chapel. Instead of the traditional wedding dress, the bride or the groom will wear a military uniform.
  • Same- sex – two people with the same gender are married on this ceremony. 
  • Civil – local civil authority such as mayor or judge lead this ceremony.
  • Destination – this is held in setting in which the guests and the couple will travel and stay for some days on a resort or beach like in a vacation.
  • Whitethis refers to the color of the wedding gown in a Western wedding either semi-formal or traditional formal.
  • Weekend – this ceremony is held over the weekend in which the couple and the guests spends time together doing activities such as golf tournaments and a Sunday brunch for the finale.
  • Double – two couples are being married simultaneously in a single ceremony.
  • Elopement – this kind of ceremony does not invite guests or sometimes just small group of family and friends. In other cases, couples marry without the knowledge of their parents.
  • Mass – several couples are being married in a single ceremony simultaneously.

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