San Diego

San Diego is home to many Hawaiian transplants. There are many Hawaiian restaurants scattered through out the city like, Kealani’s in Encinitas and Island Style Cafe in Tierrasanta.

Every year the Pacific Islander Festival Association holds the Pacific Islander Festival at Ski Beach.

There is even a hawaiian themes hotel called the Kona Kai on Shelter Island.

San Diego: History at its Best

San Diego has been rated as the 8th largest city in United States and second of the largest city in California. This city can be found at the southern California near the coast of Pacific Ocean. This city is known with numerous beautiful beaches and history of association with navy. The people called as Kumeyaay have lived in San Diego for an estimated range of 10,000 years and up. The first European who came to visit the city of San Diego California is Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo. He is a Spanish explorer for about 1499 to 1543 that came from the land of San Salvador Navidad of New Spain. The Spanish conquered the bay of San Diego under its own empire.

In 1602 of November, the person with the name of Sebastian Vizcaino search the harbor which can be recognize now as Point Loma and Mission Bay, and named the area under the name of Saint St. Didacus or San Diego of Spanish Catholic. On 1602 of November 12, the first record of religious service in Alta is done by Fray Antonio de la Ascension. This person is an expedition member of Vizcaino. It happened to rejoice the feast day of San Diego. In 1846, San Diego is a destination that marches by the Battalion of Mormon at about 2000 mile and build the first brick courthouse of the city.

At the end of the gold rush in 1848 and American-Mexican war, San Diego has become a newly- established city in 1850. Before the 1st world war happened, the anti-capitalist of the world and Industrial workers create a free fight of speech in this city and made a bad response. The significant presence of U.S Navy began at about 1907 with the Coaling Station of the Navy’s establishment that provide prolonged problem to the town’s establishment. San Diego hosted California and Panama’s Exposition at about 1915 which can be considered as 2 World’s Fairs and the California International Pacific Exposition at about 1935.

At the end of World War 2, the military’s high rank personnel and others participated in an increasing role in the state’s economy. This local economy has also experienced reduce of the economy or downturn because of the cutbacks of aerospace industry and local defense. The leaders of San Diego worked together in order to expand the economy of the city. This city is also the home of giant telecommunications such as Qualcomm.

Nowadays, the city of San Diego has rated by the farmer’s almanac as one of the best climates in United States due to its tropical weather that benefited the surfers. Due to the fact that they have vast beautiful beaches, San Diego has become a tourist spot for surfers and families for swimming and bonding activity. It is also considered as one of the best state that conducts an international trade because of the port located in the border of Mexico and United States. San Diego California is a large and very rich state with full of knowledge in researching new product, inventions and many more.

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