Ohana – A Hawaiian Culture

Ohana is a part of the Hawaiian culture. It means family in extended sense of term, including adoptive, blood related or intentional. It also emphasizes that families are bound together and the members should always cooperate and remember each other. The term is also related with the New Zealand Maori term which is Whanau. Whanau is a Maori Language term or word that means an extended family. In other societies such as the Maori Society, it means political unit. It also has different meanings such as to give birth or to be born.

In the actual culture in Hawaii, this term, Ohana, is strictly used for blood relations. Non-familial groupings also use the Hui. Also, in Hawaiian culture, Ohana begins with the word Okinathat, which indicates a glottal stop. Root word oha refers to the corm or root of the taro plant or kalo (it is the staple staff of life in Hawaii) which Kanaka Maoli considered as their astral ancestor. In the contemporary Hawaiian regulatory and economic practice, an Ohana unit is like a portion of a house or a distinct structure on the similar lot that contains a comparative but which may not be borrowed to the public.

Ohana’s meaning is truly a family. Family is considered as one of the greatest values of each person. A family also gives the basic beliefs, human values and ideals. Family is something who understands and loves you. It can also be the people who care for you. Family also is one of those things that are very important in an individual’s lives. They are the ones who will never leave you in the darkest time of your life. Unfortunately, not all people are blessed of having a family. Many people are still in the orphanage wherein nuns are the ones who are taking care of them.

Ohana or family is composed of parents, siblings and other relatives. Parents always want the best for their children. Parents should always consider whether it’s better for their own children to develop or grow in a small or large family. There are also advantages and disadvantages of having a small or a large family. The disadvantage of having a large family is that parents would find it hard to give financial support for their children and its advantage is there are would be more companion to talk meaning the members of family would not be lonely. On the other hand if you are a part of a small family your parents will not find it hard to give your financial needs and necessities. The weakest point of having a small family is that oftentimes the members of the family are lonely and oftentimes children are growing shy.

Indeed, there is no best size in terms of family because both have disadvantages and advantages. Ohana or family should always be united and have an understanding so that they can easily overcome any problems and struggles that they may face in the near future. It is indeed fun and happy if your family have unity.

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