Remembering Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is an occasion for the students to gain award, degree and many more. It is the rites recognizing their effort, hard-work and for the struggles which will help them survive the real world outside the school campus. This occasion happens annually in every school. It is conducted after students completed all the academic requirements according to the required course curriculum of every school. Graduates, the term for the candidates who will be included in the graduation rites. The term graduation is often called as degree day by numerous people. Graduation can be also called as convocation, invocation and commencement. It is an occasion where celebrants as well as members of the school academics wore a special uniform to recognize their degree earned. Most of the graduates are wearing black long dress also called as academic gown. It is the indication that they are already finished with the student life inside the school.

The student which is a candidate to celebrate this annual occasion will be informed 2 or 1 month before the celebration. But there are some cases that a student might not be included in the graduation ceremony because he/she lacks the necessary requirements to be distinguished as a graduate. There are also circumstances that a student might be included in the graduation rites if he/she already accomplished the necessary documents before the celebration.

After the degree or diploma will be honored to the students, visitors or important personnel will give a speech to acknowledge the graduates’ performance during their past years in the school. These personnel will also impart some insights about the life outside the campus. The speech will serve as the welcome remarks for the students because they will be entering a new world which is very different from the life of a student.

It is a traditional process of graduation for the students to know what will be the life after their celebration ends. They will use cite their experiences about the corporate world as it is the typical topic on graduation speeches. They will encourage the graduates to become a responsible person to help the country. Mostly, the school gets a visitor that will provide a speech from the government or politicians. There is also a large tendency that the school will get a very famous inventor to conduct a speech to encourage the students to become like them.

Aside from the important personnel that will provide insights for the students, the graduates with honors or one of the model students of the school will provide a speech to help their co-graduates to do well in the future. Some speech that came from the honorable graduates will convey a message of farewell. They will warn other graduates about the possibilities and opportunities when they are out on the real world.

Before the end of the graduation, they will walk on the stage to get their diploma. This process will be conducted if all programs are finished accompanied by their parents. They will switch the tie connected to the cap from right to left as a sign of a fully pledged graduate.

On Oahu and the rest of the Hawaiian islands the tradition is to adorn the graduate with many flower leis. Since everyone in attending the graduation brings a lei for a graduate this results in some graduates having so many flower leis that they are piled so high that their faces is covered.

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