Different Leis Options for Graduates

The symbol of love begins when a lei is given to a person from another person. Usually leis are offered to someone who is just joined the team or leaving. One best suited example comes up from graduates as they once left their school and then joined the new place in order to complete their graduation. The custom is, when the lei-giver try to put on the lei around the neck of the receiver, at the same time the receiver need to bow down his/her head to make the process easy. Sometimes the custom involved finishing with a kiss. Flowers or some form of plant parts (like vines or green leaves) are used to make a beautiful lei. One of the most popular graduation ceremony gifts are leis made by dendrobium orchid. These orchids are frequently used in formation of leis to ensure durability and higher quality. Purple, green and white; these three colors are preferred for orchid leis where purple is the most common. In addition, roses and carnations are also used to make graduation leis. Among other roses, yellow roses are also preferred by girl graduates for their femininity and charming smells. Another great choice for leis is carnations since they have so many color options and therefore matching to the school’s color become easy. All these features above are considered before purchasing flowers for graduates.

Again, there are several types of leis possible. Candy leis, shell leis, origami leis and money leis are some of the popular types of leis. These leis are sometimes cost effective than those traditional floral leis and you can make these by yourself at home. Money leis generally comprise 100$ 1 bills. To make candy leis, hard candies are used to prevent melting during the ceremony. Another kind of leis are origami leis where you can apply different colored papers that follows school colors and also you can give them different shapes to make them look more beautiful and hopefully these leis will last couple of years more than others.

You can employ a flower bouquet as an alternative when you find yourself unable to make enough leis before graduation ceremony. You can purchase either flowers or bouquets that you think graduate would like or you can keep in mind the theme of school’s color while shopping.  Hopefully, you will find vast flowering options during the time of graduation. There are many summer flower options available including lilies, roses, tulips, orchids and many more; just go for the best one you think.

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